Starting Tomorrow: Celeb Turnaround Challenges!

Day trade much?

We want to keep you guys on your toes, so, starting tomorrow, Pop Salad will be launching daily turnaround challenges.

Here’s how it works: At 8 am Pacific Time, we’ll announce on our Twitter account who today’s turnaround challenge is. Your goal is to buy and sell that celeb by midnight Pacific Time for the maximum percentage gain.

When exactly you buy — and how quickly you sell — is what makes these challenges tricky! But we also know that some of you have gotten very, very good at this sort of thing.

If you post the highest percentage gain for that celeb by midnight, you’re a winner! You’ll see a C$100,000 bonus show up in your account the following day. That’s all there is to it.

Below, we answer the questions you’re about to ask:

  • Yes, there can be multiple winners in the case of a tie. They’ll all get C$100,000 bonuses.
  • Yes, you can buy and sell the celeb more than once over the course of the day. Your highest percentage gain is the one that will count.
  • The actual cut-off for selling is 11:59:59 pm Pacific Standard Time. Sales after that will not be eligible to win.
  • If you’re already holding the turnaround celeb when we make the daily announcement, you can choose to sell that celeb and re-buy at the current price if you think that will help maximize your percentage gain for one day. If you’re holding him/her at a low low price already — lucky you! As long as you sell by the end of the day, your percentage gain still counts.

At this point, we’re just testing out these daily turnaround challenges to see if you guys think they’re fun. If they’re a hit, we’ll start attaching real-world prizes … and, of course, badges. :)

Happy trading!

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